Welcome to Acrewood Day Nursery in Jersey

For the best start in life

Welcome to Acrewood Day Nursery in Jersey. Nursery is where your child’s first steps on the pathway to learning take place. Steps, skips, hops, jumps… roll, crawl or wobble, at Acrewood, whichever way a child begins their journey, we’re here to guide and encourage. At Acrewood, we pride ourselves on the ethos of encouraging independence and capability through play and learning by doing. We provide a nurturing and relaxed environment where children thrive and flourish through a balanced and fulfilling range of activities. Acrewood is an ideal place for your child to grow.

Acrewood Nursery’s grounds make for a wonderful playground. Our large day nursery lends itself to being the perfect, homely environment for children to feel at ease and happy to be dropped off. We are easy to find, and right on the cusp of St Helier, making drop offs and pick ups a doddle for busy mums and dads. Through creative play and an array of activities, Acrewood is an extension of your child’s home for the time they are with us and we aim to instil confidence and an,‘anything is possible,’ attitude, inspiring curiosity and igniting limitless imaginations.

Thank you for coming to visit Acrewood Nursery online… We’re probably out feeding the chickens or making something slimy and delicious in our mud-kitchen, whatever you’re doing today, we hope you’re having as much fun as us.

Love from all of us at Acrewood x

Our Activities

Where play is in every activity


Our very own woodland is our very own forest school. Acrewood Nursery’s Beach School offers plenty of opportunity for environmental education whilst having lots of fun. Nature and nurture go hand in hand at Acrewood Nursery.



Jersey’s most popular swim school is one of Acrewood Nursery’s favourite activities. Le Mourier Swim School is renowned for its success in teaching little people to swim and be confident in the water. Swimming is also a great way for children to keep fit whilst having lots of fun. www.lemourier.co.uk


We use the loose materials to engage children's natural creativity & inventiveness. Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. Having ``loose parts`` available in a playspace allows children to use these materials as they choose.


Our Trips Out

Where you little one's wellbeing come first


The children love to go and see the animals at Jersey’s famous Durrell Conservation Park. We take part in fun quizzes as well as the opportunity to picnic and play in the beautiful surrounds of the park.



Acrewood has its own park, but there’s nothing quite like the two most popular parks on the island and we love taking the children to play in the giant sand pit at The Elephant Park, or the paddling pool at Milbrook.



Acrewood Day Nursery is pleased to work alongside Little Monkey’s Gymnastics at Fort Regent, Jersey. Creative and physical gymnastics classes designed for little ones; great exercise for active girls and boys and a fabulous place for social skills development and interactive play. www.regentgymnastics.co.uk


Amber, “I love to come to nursery because I love everyone and I can make a cake.”