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We like to keep things simple for you busy mums and dads, and we think we’ve covered just about everything here – if you do still have a question, please feel free to get in touch.

Do I need to pack lunch and snacks for my child?

Yes, a healthy packed lunch for afternoon sessions and full time children. We store the children’s lunches in the fridge, so feel free to include yoghurts and the likes. A mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack is provided by our marvellous in-house cook, ranging from banana muffins to fruit and other tasty, healthy ‘elevenses’.

Does my child need wellies at nursery?

Wellies are a good idea and yes, we can keep them in school… Forest school and mud kitchens are best enjoyed wearing wellies (mums and dads prefer it too).

Can payment for nursery sessions be paid in instalments?

Nursery fees are paid in advance.

Do any of the staff speak other languages at Acrewood?

No, sorry, Acrewood is an English speaking school, although we have had children who speak little English and have managed to learn from their friends and peers in nursery.

Do I need to pay extra for outings and trips?

No, our outings and trips are included in the session fees. If there is an extraordinary situation whereby a small charge is necessary, parents would bet asked and children would not be obliged to take part.

Will I get updates and reports on my child’s progress?

Yes… We keep a journal of all of the goings on at Acrewood and we host parent meetings to give key workers and parents the opportunity to discuss individual progress and enlighten mums and dads to the fun we have whilst they’re at work.

What is the ratio of staff to children?

Age 0-2 ratio 1:3, age 2-3 ratio 1:4, age 3-5 1:8 so plenty of attention for every Acrewood child at all times.

Nursery Education Fund

NEF (Nursery Education Fund) offers 30 hours free for children accessing childcare the year before they start school funded by States of Jersey Education Dept. The 30 funded hours are charged at the published rate by the States of Jersey, any additional hours are charged at the same rate.

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