How much should your child eat?

Portion sizes for 1- 4 year olds

How much should your toddler be eating? Portion sizes for 1- 4 year olds

This week the Public Health Group published a review which focused on how increasing portion sizes consumed by children are having an impact on the future health of the nation.

The UK is facing a health crisis which is related to poor diet. Nearly one in ten children starting school are obese, that adds up to over 60,000 children.

Sometimes it’s hard to get our toddlers to eat, but it’s important to know the appropriate serving sizes, so they take in enough nutrients to fuel their bodies. Of equal importance is plating up the correct serving so we don’t leave our little ones feeling daunted and anxious, which can lead to meal time battles. As they get older and are eating more we have to be careful not to give them adult size portions.

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