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Acrewood’s lunchbox ideas, helpful links and a few book recommendations

Welcome to Acrewood’s online Parent Support ‘hub’ where we aim to provide you with some tools and references to help you with the ups and downs and ins and outs of your child’s first steps into learning. There are quite a lot of things to consider and manage when choosing a nursery for your child and at Acrewood, we appreciate that parents are sometimes taking first steps too.

At Acrewood Day Nursery, we offer an inclusive environment for parents and guardians – with ongoing evaluations and reports on your child’s progress within individual nursery journal’s, your child’s key worker can keep you up to speed with all of your child’s activities.

Juggling a busy schedule is tricky at the best of times, with our timetable and schedule of out of school/after school affiliations, we hope to provide you with plenty of support. We’re happy to put you in touch our friends at Sport’s Bug, Little Monkeys and Le Mourier Swim School, just ask and it shall be done.

Liven up lunch!

Some mornings, being creative with your kid’s lunchbox is met with all the good intention in the world, but conjuring up healthy and nutritious, appealing packed lunches can be quite the chore. We know enough children to know that the list of, ‘don’t like that’ is limitless and as we do our best to fill them with plenty of goodness, it’s not easy… That’s why we’ve packed lunch If your little one hates avocado, carrots, bananas, sandwiches and any other lunchtime munch, then let us give you some tips on what to pack for the fussiest of kids…

Acrewood Lunchbox Tips

To add a little mum and dad magic to your child’s lunchbox, without any effort at all, pop a little note or picture in as a surprise message to your little one…

Sweet pepper dippers

Red, yellow and orange peppers are sweet and delicious as well as colourful, so make for a great vitamin boosting addition to your kid’s lunchbox.

Carrots - C in the dark

Carrots are great for dipping (so are Hob Nobs, and one of those makes for a tasty, treat – after all, a little bit of what you fancy does you good). Dip into humous or tzatziki or even some low fat cream cheese – obviously, not the Hob Nob…

Cookie-cutter sandwiches

Cookie-cutter sandwiches – you can get practically any shape of cookie cutter, and star shaped sandwiches even get the nod of approval when filled with something healthy. Keep the Nutella at bay with animal shaped vegemite or turkey sandwiches.

Wrappers Delight

Wrappers Delight – wraps are a mega healthy way of combining salad and whatever else, sliced up into sushi sized pieces, they are the perfect size for little fingers to manage.

Bit a’Pitta

Bit a’Pitta – Wholemeal pitta bread, used in place of bread can make for pocket sized fun for pocket sized people… Fill ‘em up with whatever they like.

Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls – these awesome little sandwich substitutes are great for kids who well, hate sandwiches. Pizza Rolls can be made the night before and also be frozen, but peckish mums and dads normally manage to polish off the plate. Using rolled out ready made puff pastry, grate some mild cheddar over some tomato paste, roll up into a sausage shape, slice up and bake until golden…

‘Love em’ Cheese n’ Marmite Swirls

‘Love em’ Cheese n’ Marmite Swirls – More of that useful ready made puff pastry, unroll, spread with Marmite, sprinkle over grated cheese and roll up. Once sliced, place them on a baking tray lined with paper, brush with a little beaten egg and bake for fifteen minutes.

Energy Bars from Mars

Energy Bars from Mars – Ok, they’re not from Mars, but they’re outta space amazing. Super easy, super tasty and they guarantee to give your child the right boost for an action packed day at Acrewood.

Fun Fruit Kebabs

Fun Fruit Kebabs – these take literally no imagination, the colourful fruit does all the work for you. Instructions are easy – chop fruit into bite sized pieces, pop on a stick and ta dah, instant snack.

Acrewood Useful Links

For the matters that matter when starting the nursery/pre-school journey.

Kid’s First Day Jitters – we found some useful advice for those first day nerves from a brilliant little blog called, ‘What to Expect…’ Advice on those first day jitters can be found here.

Shaking the Shyness – Nursery is a fun and energetic place for many children, but for the more shy of little people, it can be rather daunting… We love TV’s Supernanny and her handy tips for dealing with shyness… Supernanny’s advice on shaking the shyness can be found here.

Make friends, make friends… What if your little one has trouble making friends? The Huffington Post is a favourite online read for us at Acrewood, this candid article sheds some light on what you can do if your child is having a hard time making friends at nursery…

Lighten the load! Check out these ‘Parent Hacks’ to help cut time and trouble with some genius ideas and advice…